About Us

Alpha Dream Technology was instituted in 2007

About Us

Alpha Dream is one of the leading providers of pheromone colognes and perfumes in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia Our high quality pheromone products are designed to improve confidence, increase attractiveness, and draw attention. Our products are handmade one at a time in small batches. We have been manufacturing pheromone chemicals since 2005 having served some 40 companies with high quality human pheromone chemicals. We have patents pending on 4 human pheromone compounds. Despite our profit potential we will always remain a family style company, where customer service and exclusive high-quality products remain our cornerstones.

Alpha Dream Mission Statement:

Our number one priority is our customer. We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We are committed to making the best possible pheromone products available on the market today with a full range of products to choose from and enjoy. Our relationships do not end with our customers but extends to our products as well. Our formulas are personally made and produced with the utmost care and commitment to quality that we as makers also enjoy. We love our products and make them with passion! Alpha Dream and its superior line of products is a labor of love.

Alpha Dream Philosophy . . . Be Alpha

Aside from being a pheromone retailer, Alpha Dream is a philosophy. There is a method to all things and the use of pheromones is no exception. We bring together spirit and science so that our customers may get the most from our pheromone line. It starts with the belief that what separates humans from the animal kingdom is the human state of being “alpha.” It is more than a physical prowess, but is composed of mental, emotional, and spiritual elements as well that all need to be developed and cared for.

The attainment of the “alpha” state of being is located within the dream of each person. What makes a person’s “alpha dream” is unique to the individual and therefore being “alpha” within the human experience is possible for every person. Thus living the alpha experience can be achieved regardless of competition or comparison. But when competitions amongst humans are necessary we have the power to win with humility and lose with honor. That is the attitude of a true “alpha human.” So it is, pheromones are not just for the purpose of finding a mate, but they help add new sensual, and heroic dimensions to all aspects of life. By celebrating intimacy, sensual experience, and connection we believe our products help grace the world in which we live. All it takes is one spray of Alpha Dream and a little courage!

Be bold, be poetic, be free, be wild, be true with Alpha Dream premium pheromone scents of seduction: the new generation of excitation, sensual arousal, chemical attraction and sex appeal.

We are very philosophical about our products. The idea of making a product that can help improve the quality of our lives is met with great satisfaction. At Alpha Dream we make all of our products with the greatest hope that our clients fulfill their deepest wishes and establish greater connections with people and our environment.

In order for our desires to be met however, we have to meet them halfway. We do this through acting on behalf of our intentions. In so doing circumstances adjust to meet our desires. We have been given the privilege by God of being creators of heaven on earth, how will we honor God, what will we create today? If you are already taking action for what you want out of life, our products may be just what you are looking for to amplify your experience. Be Alpha


alpha dream: a dream or desire of the highest ranking among dreams, dreams of prominence and talent that inspires, dreams dedicated to ones highest ideals.


alpha life: a state of being, living out ones greatest dreams: reaching beyond ones ordinary state regardless of whether one can achieve ones final objective: living up to ones greatest potential regardless of comparison: ones personal quest for perfection that is unique to the individual.


Competition is unnecessary. Each person is capable of realizing ones alpha dream. Self Determination is everything. Fear is a very bad habit. Love always wins. Existence is a game to be played.


Act as if you are the best. Live by being on top of your game. Know that there is only one YOU. Accept yourself for who you are, indeed love yourself for who you are. Strive to improve everyday. Determine your destiny and embrace it by getting on with its underlying relations.


What is my life task? Am I devoted to it? How may I better serve others?


If we fear something or situation, resolve to face it. Exposure to ones fears are mundane events designed to make what is fearful mundane. Have a soft heart and an unapologetic love for your fellow humans. Help yourself before helping others thru, meditation, nutrition, physical exercise, mental challenge, and spiritual guidance.


Fruits of the spirit, connection, courage, love, beauty, wisdom, goodness, kindness, compassion, sensuality and a life well lived with few regrets.