Female Essence

Women's Pheromone Perfumes

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now more than pheromones!

ALPHA DREAM TECHNOLOGY has always been about having an edge. Now we are taking that philosophy a step further with more of a variety of products to give us an edge in life!

We will be introducing products to bring out the best in all of us. Alpha Dream Technology will be your one stop shop for all things Alpha. Stay with us! Stay Alpha.

Increase Your Attractiveness with Science

What do you get when you mix Science with Sexual Attraction? You get Sexual Chemistry with Alpha Dream Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes.

According to multiple university studies that span decade of research, wearing a broad spectrum of human pheromone compounds like those found in ALPHA DREAM Pheromone Formulas can SIGNIFICANTLY get you:

  • More attention
  • More flirting
  • More eye contact
  • More conversation
  • More touching
  • More kissing, and more!

Alpha Dream Technology formulas for men and women are designed to elicit a subconscious chemosensory response in yourself and others, creating feelings of trust, relaxation, confidence, reduced inhibition, and sensuality.

Welcome to ALPHA DREAM,

We are ALPHA DREAM TECHNOLOGY, Advanced Pheromone Technology products for men and women. We have the most powerful and advanced pheromone formulas available, at the highest concentrations per formula. Apply any one of our scientifically proven pheromone formulas and find yourself attracting more people, more situations, more connections, and more fun!

Why Nutrition?

Its takes more than pheromones to make us Alpha. It takes health. In fact, nothing is more attractive and necessary than being a healthy person.

We are very excited to introduce an ultra-high-quality line of nutritional supplements for you to get the edge on a healthy, and attractive you. Stay Alpha