About Pheromones:

Our bodies naturally produce human pheromone chemicals, which are found on the skin of all humans. Pheromones are substances that serve as catalysts for our sixth sense. Each person we encounter gives off a unique signature of these virtually scentless chemicals, which affect us primarily on a subconscious level.

These chemicals act as messengers and relay to us information about a persons personal attributes such as sex appeal, temperament, and so on. It is through this chemosensory link where we form mutual attraction. Human attractiveness via our conscious senses are no longer seen as the only link in bringing people together, scent by way of human pheromones proves yet another important link in the biology of intra-personal and societal network connections.

Pheromones do have a detectable, trace scent of their own, however the scent ofpheromones generally lies outside the range of conscious detection via olfactory nerves within the noses of most persons. The special organ within your nose called the “accessory olfactory bulb” is responsible for detecting these subconscious odors that are then relayed to the hypothalamus within the brain, which causes sexual excitation or other primal effects which pheromones elicit.

Scientific research shows our reactions to pheromones to be predictable, and capable of duplication. Pheromones make up perhaps the most important indicator in human attractiveness, over all out weighing our responses to even visual cues. Indeed the term “chemical attraction” is scientifically accurate.

When pheromones first reached public attention, there became an immediate demand for the product. The possibility of spraying on a “potion” that could attract the objects of our sexual desires proves as coveted today as it has for hundreds maybe thousands of years. Now with pheromone technology we have come perhaps closer than ever before in making such a “potion”. However, as with almost every revolutionary idea, discovery, or product, exploitation follows. Pheromones are not magic potions that when sprayed on will manipulate the unsuspecting for our selfish purposes, however they can work to amplify our own unique pheromone signatures to make us more desirable.

What Are Human Pheromones?

Human Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that subconsciously cause certain behaviors or reactions in humans. Pheromones serve a variety of different purposes, and can act as sexual attractants, social lubricants, trust enhancers, confidence boosters, to name a few.

There are many different human pheromone chemicals and they are all usually gender specific. This means that a formula of different pheromone chemicals must be carefully crafted so as to cause sexual arousal, for instance, in the right sex, which they are meant to attract.

How Do We Detect Pheromones?

Human pheromones work entirely by their odor, which is detected on a subconscious level. While it is true that most people can consciously detect the smell of pheromones to a certain degree, the actual behavioral effects of pheromones are attributed to the sense of smell on a subconscious level, and is often referred to as our “sixth sense.”

It is commonly believed that pheromones cause their effects by stimulation of the human VNO (vomeronasal organ). However, pheromones actually cause their behavioral effects by acting through our olfactory bulb, which is the organ which allows for us to sense odors.

Normally, when a scent is detected by the olfactory bulb, the olfactory nerve sends a signal to the part of the brain that comprehends odors, hence causing us to notice them. However, when the scent of pheromones is detected, the nerve sends a signal instead to the hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain that primarily drives sexual responses.

So hence is why the odor of pheromones acts on a subconscious level, since we dont know that we sense the odor of pheromones, but instead feel the effects without knowing why.

What Is The VNO?

The Vomeronasal Organ or VNO is an organ that is present in all mammals. It is part of the chemosensory system that uses chemicals to communicate with members of a given species.

In more primitive mammals, the VNO is directly responsible for driving the sexual responses to pheromone chemicals, which is why it was believed that the same school of thought applied to humans. However it is now known that the VNO is in fact dormant in human beings.

Since however the behavioral effects of human pheromones is obvious in humans, the alternate theory regarding the olfactory bulb and hypothalamus is the only real explanation of why this phenomenon exists in humans, lacking a functional VNO.

The Chemistry Between Us, What Is Chemical Attraction?

“The chemistry between us” is typically meant as a metaphor when referring to “personality” as an indicator of compatibility between two people. When used in regards to human pheromones, however, “chemical attraction” between people can be taken literally because pheromones are essentially chemical messengers, and an essential part of a pair’s “chemistry” is actually driven by the chemistry of human pheromones.

To illustrate, woman are naturally attracted to men who are confident, calm, well admired, physically fit, and successful. However, it is the presence or absence of pheromones that make up a males “pheromone signature” that strongly and unknowingly dictates her attraction to him on her most primitive levels.

The opposite also holds true; regardless of societal standards for female beauty, research shows that the most important aspect of her attractiveness is her pheromone signature. Women do not have to be stunning recreations of fashion models in order to achieve mens interest, although the effect of esthetics is of course important.

There is an unexplainable sense of joy obtained by one while in the presence of their “crush,” whose features may be otherwise unremarkable.

What Are The Benefits Of Supplementing With Pheromones?

Human pheromones play an important role in our interaction with others – they are important indicators which signal our state of health and fertility. Modern day life interferes with the natural process of maintaining a healthy level of pheromones on our skin – when we wash our bodies with soap, we scrub from our skin the pheromones which are produced by our body. Ironically, by washing ourselves to appear more attractive, we strip ourselves of a fundamental facet of what makes us attractive.

By applying synthetic human pheromones you will be able to replace your natural pheromone signature, and will further bolster it with powerful man-made pheromones which are considerably more powerful than natural human pheromones.

Unless you are very physically active, you do not sweat enough to maintain the amount of natural pheromones that evolution intended. Thus, applying supplemental pheromones to your skin becomes both necessary and logical.

Are Pheromones Natural?

Yes, pheromones are naturally produced by our bodies and deposited on our skin through the process of sweating. What is unnatural however is modern day life, in that by washing ourselves daily, we remove pheromones from our skin. Pheromones play a crucial role in human sexuality and relationships, and without them this natural balance is disrupted.
What Should I Consider While Selecting a Formula for Me?

Each formula is carefully designed to attract people into your life. Using the most advanced knowledge of pheromone technology and up to date research, we have a formula to suit just about every social need.

Ask yourself this question, “What do I want?” Do you want to meet women? How about a man? Do you want to put a job interviewer at ease? The answers will dictate which formula or products you choose. Its that simple!

If you wish to be a little more strategic in your approach to choosing one of our products may we suggest the following?

To either replenish or to modify your pheromone signature, it may be of some advantage to consider how the formula will compliment your own personal attributes and desires. For example, if you are by nature a sensitive person, more inclined toward emotional intimacy, Certo for men, and Achar for women, may be among the formulas more suitable for you. If however, you are just out to have fun and looking for something more physical, than Alfa Maschio for men, or Alfa Donna for women may be more suitable for you.

Just remember, pheromones can only enhance, not replace. So ultimately it is best to build upon whatever you already have by way for personality, and physical attributes, when selecting the pheromone formulas that we offer, and live as if “fortune favors the bold.”

Where Are the Pheromones Derived?

The pheromone chemicals we use are all made synthetically in laboratory settings. Experienced organic chemists synthesize the pheromone compounds we use to manufacture our line of pheromones. Pheromones are not derived from or tested on animals.

We have only the highest standards for product quality – all of our pheromone chemicals are independently tested to ensure a purity of 98% or greater.

How Should Pheromones Be Used?

Apply pheromones as one would any cologne or perfume. For maximum performance, we recommend that our products be applied the major pulse-points such as the neckline, behind the ears, or the underside of your wrists. Store the bottle in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Our pheromone products are for external use only.

How Long Do Pheromones Last?

Pheromones are quite persistent on the skin and easily last all day. 

What Do Pheromones Smell Like?

Pheromones naturally have a mild sweet-musky odor to them, which is easily masked by fragrance (I.e. cologne or perfume). The smell of pheromones is not unpleasant, and so our unscented formulas can even be worn without a cover-scent. We now offer 4 unique scents for most formulas, made using the finest essential and botanical oils, which are available at the same price as the unscented formulas.

The pheromone products for men have a more pronounced odor, which resembles fresh, clean sweat – others often remark that the odor of pheromones on a man makes them appear more rugged, stronger, and more sexually appealing. Our pheromones for men combine the essence of a man with synthetic pheromones which are far more powerful than natural pheromones present on a man’s skin.

Again the smell of our pheromone products are mild, agreeable, and easily masked by a small amount of cologne or perfume. For the highest convenience, we recommend you try one of our formulas that are already scented with high quality fragrances.